Kenwood TS-480HX/480SAT HF/Base Mobile Amateur Radio

Kenwood Updated: 2007-12-24
Kenwood TS-480HX/480SAT HF/Base Mobile Amateur Radio

Tailor-made for DX'ing, the new TS-480HX HF transceiver raises the bar on portable performance. Despite its compact dimensions, it delivers an astonishing punch: 200W with a DC 13.8V supply. Yet its separate control panel is perfect for base station use. Sharing virtually all the same powerful features is the 100W TS-480SAT, except that it boasts a built-in antenna tuner. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure of enjoying the best of both worlds with first-rate communications at home and on the trail.

General Features

• 200W output (50MHz: 100W) DC 13.8V in the TS-480HX
• 100W model with built-in Antenna Tuner with the TS-480SAT
• TX/RX 16-bit AF digital signal processing
• Separate LCD control panel with speaker
• Continuous RX: 500kHz (VFO: 30kHz) to 60MHz
• TX covers all Amateur bands 1.8MHz to 50MHz
• Other features include a TS-950 class quad-mixer
• PSK31 compatibility
• Packet cluster tune (with TM-D700A)
• PC-based control
• Optional IF filters


Beat Cancel Yes
Cross Band Repeat Yes With a TM-D700A or TM-D710A connected
CW Auto Tune Yes
Dual Band Receive No
DX Packet Cluster Tune Yes With a TM-D700A or TM-D710A connected
Memory Channels 100
Noise Reduction Yes
Number of Bands 11
Output Power W
PC Programmable No
Radio Control Software Yes ARCP-480
Receiver Operating Mode FM/FM-W/FM-N AM/USB/LSB/CW
Receiver Range .5-30Mhz
VFO Continuous 30-60MHz
RX Equalizer Yes
Satellite Communications No
SkyCommand Yes With a TM-D700A or TM-D710A connected
Transmit Frequency Range 10-160MHz
TX Equalizer Yes
TX Monitor Yes
Voice Synthesizer (Optional) Yes VGS-1
VoIP Yes
Wide/Narrow FM Yes
Automatic Antenna Tuner Yes