LG Aloha LX140 Cell Phone

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LG Aloha LX140 Cell Phone

Say hello to the LG Aloha, the ultra-compact phone with hands-free calling and voice-activated dialing. Get up-to-speed with news and world events on Mobile Web, and enjoy the simple convenience of LG features packed into one miniature design.

Ultra Compact Design
Small and slim enough to slip easily into your front or back pocket-or right into your clutch for an evening out on the town.

Powerful Speakerphone
Powerful speakerphones are ultra-sensitive, so your voice-and those you’re talking to-booms loud and clear.

Voice-Activated Dialing
Sophisticated speech-recognition technology enables you to speak a person’s name into the phone, to automatically dial his or her number.

Technical Specifications

Carrier: Virgin Mobile
Form Factor: Flip
Speaker Phone: Two-Way Speakerphone*
Web: Mobile Web†
HAC: Hearing Aid Compatible (M4-Rating)
Technology: CDMA
Frequency: 1.9 GHz CDMA PCS (Single-Band)
DataTransmission: 1xRTT Voice & Data Capable
Dimensions: 3.50” (H) x 1.90” (W) x 0.90” (D)
Weight: 2.70 oz.
Display: 65K Color STN, 128 x 128 Pixels, 7 Lines
Battery: 800 mAh Li-Ion
UsageTime: Up to 2.5 Hours

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