LG Banter UX265 Cell Phone

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LG Banter UX265 Cell Phone

Friendly banter can easily put a smile on someone’s face. With the hot, new LG Banter it’s even easier to do using the inter-changeable face and back plate colors. Its 4-line QWERTY keyboard and Bluetooth® capabilities make brightening your friend’s day effortless. While the 1.3 MP camera captures memories that can’t help but to make people smile.

Changeable Back Plates
Interchangeable back plates let you customize the look of your LG Phone for big-time personalization.

Music Player
Enjoy your favorite tunes wherever you go, right on your phone.

microSD™ Memory Port
Use a USB connection to transfer files quickly and easily from your phone’s microSD™ card to your PC.

Bluetooth® Capable
Talk hands-free with a wireless Bluetooth® headset. You can hook up to a PC desktop or laptop to access music and games, print pictures, transfer contacts, and more.

4-Line QWERTY Keyboard
Large, external QWERTY keyboard slides out to let you fire off messages, emails, and contact lists with the greatest of ease.

Technical Specifications

Camera: 1.3 Megapixel Camera
Music Player: Music Player (supports MP3)
Qwerty: 4-Line QWERTY Keyboard for Easy Messaging
Speaker Phone: One-Touch Speakerphone
Bluetooth: Version: 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
Web: easyedgeSM – download games, ringtones, pictures, and more

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