LG UX300 Mobile Phone

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LG UX300 Mobile Phone

The ultra-compact design of the UX300 is small and light enough to slip into your back pocket. It's packed with fun features like Bluetooth, speakerphone, text and picture messagine.  Check out all the fun.

UX300 Features

Ultra-Compact Design
Bluetooth® Capable
VGA Camera
One-Touch Speakerphone
Voice Commands
Text & Picture Messaging

UX300 Specs

Technology: CDMA
Frequency: 1.9 GHz CDMA PCS, 800 MHz CDMA
Data Transmission: 1xRTT Voice & Data Capable
Dimensions: 3.60" (H) x 1.87" (W) x 0.72"(D)
Weight: 2.86oz.
Display: Internal LCD 262K Color TFT, 176 x 220 Pixels, 1.76" External LCD: 65K Color TFT, 96 x 64 Pixels, 1.04
Standard Battery: 850 MAh Li-Ion
Usage Time: Up to 3 Hours & 20 Minutes
Standby Time: Up to 7 Days & 12 Hours