Palm 3169WWZ Universal Wireless Keyboard

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Palm 3169WWZ Universal Wireless Keyboard

Add a complete, compact keyboard to your device without plugging in a single wire. The Universal Wireless Keyboard by Palm is a light, foldable keyboard that works with many popular models of Palm OS®, and Windows Mobile OS devices.

You can easily customize the keyboard for quick navigation and data entry- change the keyboard settings to suit your typing preferences, assign applications to key combinations so that you can open them with a few keystrokes, and choose a power-saving setting that works for you.


* Wireless: Infrared wand is easily positioned for landscape or portrait display devices
* Compatible: Works with selected Palm®, HP, and Dell models
* Standard: Full English QWERTY keyboard
* Compact: 5 3/8 x 3 7/8 x 5/8 inches folded
* Easy typing
* Lightweight: 7.4 oz.
* Self-powered: Internal battery lasts up to four months depending on use
* Convenient: Application launch keys for common tasks
* Easy to setup: Comes with Windows setup software (requires the synchronization software that came with your handheld)

Add a full-size, complete yet compact keyboard to your handheld without plugging in a single wire. It's what's unfolding in infrared.


* TX
* Tungsten E2
* Tungsten T3
* Tungsten T5
* Tungsten E
* Tungsten C
* Zire 21
* Zire 31
* Zire 71
* Zire 72
* Treo 600
* Treo 650
* Treo 700w
* Treo 700wx
* Treo 700p
* LifeDrive