Palm Treo 700w|wx Smartphone

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Palm Treo 700w|wx Smartphone

The Palm® Treo™ 700w and 700wx smartphones deliver everything you need without compromise. They combine a smarter phone with mobile wireless broadband speeds, wireless email, including Windows Mobile® Direct Push Technology, and rich-media capabilities, all in one—bringing Palm's world-class ease of use to the Windows Mobile platform.

Connect with people in multiple ways—by voice, email or SMS. Your contacts are always reachable, from any application. Access email, the web and corporate networks on one of the fastest networks available in the U.S. Or relax and play your favorite music and videos right on your device. With these easy-to-use productivity devices in hand, you can stay connected on your terms.

Check out some of the advantages to using these all-in-one devices:

Palm Enhancements—enjoy Palm's world-class ease of use, built right in to the Windows Mobile® platform.

Today Screen—make or receive a call, search the web, or access contact information right from the Today screen.

Mobile Phone—take advantage of a smarter phone, with features like photo speed dialing, photo Caller ID, and convenient on-screen voicemail controls.

Email & Messaging—send and receive email from multiple corporate and personal email accounts, plus send text messages.

Web Browsing—access the web right from where you're standing using Internet Explorer Mobile®.

Multimedia—snap photos, play music, record video, go crazy.

Office/PDF Documents—view, edit, and create Word and Excel® Mobile files, rehearse PowerPoint® presentations, even consult PDF files. New! Latest updates from Microsoft to support Office 2007 file formats.

Personal Organizer—stay on top of your life with calendar, contacts, and tasks, right at your fingertips.

Exchange ActiveSync®—wirelessly download your office email and synchronize your Outlook calendar, contacts, and tasks.

Bluetooth® Wireless—connect to compatible Bluetooth® headsets, GPS accessories, and car kits—no wires!

Dial-up Networking—surf the web on your laptop using your Treo smartphone as a wireless modem.