Palm Treo 750 Smartphone

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Palm Treo 750 Smartphone

Your world. At mobile wireless broadband speeds. Windows Mobile® 6 Palm ease. Worldwide access.
Windows Mobile®. Palm ease. International network.

The Palm® Treo™ 750 smartphone goes where you go. It combines a GSM™ world phone, with wireless email and web access, mobile wireless broadband speeds, and Windows Mobile® 6—all with the ease you can only get from Palm. Review and edit business documents and access corporate data no matter where you are. Take a call while downloading your email. And with Microsoft's Direct Push Technology built in, you can get your Outlook® email, including any changes to your Calendar, Contacts and Tasks in seconds. Or just kick back, play music, shoot photos, and surf the web. With more than a decade of mobile computing experience, Palm makes it easy to do it all. Palm enhancements on the Windows Mobile platform bring you the familiar Treo experience many have come to depend on.

Here are just some of the things that make the Palm Treo 750 so amazing

Palm Innovations—enjoy ease of use and other benefits with Palm innovations to the Windows Mobile platform.

Phone—stay in touch with a fully-integrated, full-featured world GSM phone.

Email—send and receive email from multiple corporate and personal email accounts, including AOL, Google, and Yahoo! — right out of the box.

Web—browse the web at blazing speeds using Internet Explorer Mobile®.

Messaging—enjoy SMS/MMS in a dedicated inbox and Palm's unique, chat-style view.

Multimedia—snap photos, shoot video, and play MP3 files and streaming audio and video files.

Built-in Organizer—stay on top of your busy schedule with calendar, contacts, and tasks, right at your fingertips.

Office/PDF Documents—view, edit, and create Word and Excel® Mobile files, rehearse PowerPoint® presentations, even consult PDF files. New! Latest updates from Microsoft to support Office 2007 file formats.

Bluetooth® Technology—wirelessly connect to GPS, headsets, car kits.

Dial-up Networking—use your Treo™ smartphone as a modem to extend broadband speeds to your laptop.

Software—make the Treo 750 smartphone exclusively yours with thousands of third-party software applications.