Palm Treo 755p Smartphone

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Palm Treo 755p Smartphone

The smartphone you love. The speed you demand.

The Palm® Treo™ 755P smartphone delivers everything you need in one go-anywhere, Palm OS® device. It combines a smarter phone with wireless email, a built-in web browser, and rich media capabilities—all at blazing, mobile wireless broadband speeds.

Be productive, even away from your desk. Work on important files with built-in support for native Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®4 plus PDF documents. A full QWERTY keyboard and color touchscreen make composing email and surfing the web easy.

Download some of the thousands of Palm OS® applications available. Or, relax and play your favorite music and videos right on your device. With this user-friendly solution in hand, you'll stay connected and productive on your terms.

Take advantage of world-class Palm ease and mobile wireless broadband speeds, plus everything else you love about the Treo™ smartphone.

Phone—manage your calls easily with a touchscreen dial pad, plus features like speakerphone, speed dialing, and conference calling.
Email—send and receive email from personal accounts like AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo!, and get your corporate email as it arrives.
Web—browse the web at broadband-like speeds using our award-winning Blazer® web browser and convenient touchscreen.
Messaging—communicate or share images on the fly, with threaded SMS/MMS messages in a single chat view.
Multimedia—Snap photos, create slideshows, shoot video, and listen to MP3 files. Play video over the fast EvDO network.
Built-in Organizer—stay on top of your busy schedule with your calendar, contacts, to-do list, and memos, right at your fingertips.
Documents to Go®—download, view, and edit Word and Excel® compatible files, rehearse PowerPoint® presentations, even review PDF files.
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology—connect to GPS, headsets, car kits, and more—minus the wires.
Dial-up Networking—extend broadband-like speeds to your laptop by using your Treo smartphone as a modem.
Palm OS® Applications—make the 755p exclusively yours with thousands of third-party Palm OS® applications.