Samsung SCH-a530 Cell Phone

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Samsung SCH-a530 Cell Phone

Where form meets function. Dual full-color screens, high-speed web, productivity tools and custom content keep you connected in style.

personalize your experience
- Download business applications, games, images, maps, traffic reports, news, weather, flight tracking, productivity tools and more through Verizon's Get It Now! SM services.
- Download polyphonic ringers, screen images and animations to reflect your own personal style. Choose from 5 traditional ringers, 10 16-note polyphonic melody ringers, and downloadable ring tones and animation through Verizon's Wireless' Get It Now services.
- Use customizable banner greetings to reflect your style.
- Choose the display language you prefer - English or Spanish.

get online
- Get high-speed access to data. Use your phone as a modem to connect to your laptop so you can access the web, e-mail and other business or personal applications.
- Communicate without saying a word - send and receive e-mail and short messages anytime, anywhere.
- Get quick access to flight schedules, directions, e-mail, stock quotes, weather, scores, entertainment listings and more.
- As 911 Emergency Location Services become available, 911 operators will be able to pinpoint your location during any emergency.

go wireless in color
- Experience the wireless world in living color with high-speed connectivity on the a530's vibrant color screen.
- Play games and browse the web in sharp, vibrant color.
- Match colorful pictures with caller ID to identify incoming callers on external LCD.
- Download, send and receive colorful images and view animated graphics.

manage your calls
- Make safer calls on the road with voice-activated dialing - store 20 voice dialing locations for pre-recorded names and numbers.
- Get your messages every time with voice mail.
- Check caller ID on the external window to see who's calling before you answer. Use picture caller ID to assign images to the incoming caller.

key specifications

* Dimension (HXWXD): 3.2" x 1.7" x 0.9"
* Camera Resolution: No
* Music Player: No
* FM Radio: No

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