Samsung SCH-r210 Spex Cell Phone

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Samsung SCH-r210 Spex Cell Phone

The SAMSUNG Spex™ is more than just a pretty face. Its slim, classic, modern good looks are just a cover. Because inside the Spex is a powerful electronic marvel that gives you everything you want without the extra bulk (size or features). It’s just a beautiful mobile phone that performs beautifully. In other words, you’ll be proud to show off your new Spex.

Powered by an ENERGY STAR® qualified adaptor for a better environment.

Bluetooth® wireless technology
Bluetooth® wireless technology lets you connect to Bluetooth-enabled headsets, hands-free car kits, printers and computers. But the Spex also lets you share ringtones, pictures and other images with friends and family. It’s a wireless world; you might as well join in.

text messaging services
You can’t talk all the time. That’s why the Spex comes loaded with all the text messaging services you want. You can send emails, text and pictures to your friends, family and coworkers. Like you, it’s a messaging machine.

downloadable content
It’s easy to make our Spex your Spex. Just download wallpapers, ringtones, games, applications – almost anything you like. Soon, your phone will be as unique as you are.

key specifications

* Dimension (HXWXD) : 4.07” x 1.77” x 0.59”
* FM Radio : N
* Instant Messaging : N
* User Memory : 2 MB

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