Samsung SGH-c416 Cell Phone

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Samsung SGH-c416 Cell Phone

Although it weighs less than three ounces, the Samsung c416 is no lightweight. Packed inside this light, slim - and very stylish - fold phone, you'll find all the features you want. Are you an international traveler? You want quad-band support. Like taking pictures? You want a camera. Like to go wireless? You want Bluetooth® wireless technology. Like discovering features you didn't even know you wanted but now can't live without? You want the c416.

Don't leave home without it. With its quad-band support, the SAMSUNG c416 is your connection to the world - wherever in the world you are.

downloadable content
If you like downloading your own ringtones, your own wallpaper and your own games, you'll like the c416. Because it lets you do all that and more. Make it your own.

With the speakerphone feature on the c416, you can communicate hands-free, and share a call with friends hassle-free. Communication has never been so easy.

Powered by an ENERGY STAR® qualified adaptor for a better environment.

camera with zoom
The built-in camera on the c416 is really like four cameras in one - because it offers four resolutions. So you have the option to shoot more, save more and enjoy more pictures than with a regular camera phone. Plus, there's a 2X zoom to get you closer to the action.

Bluetooth® wireless technology
There's something about going wireless that is very freeing. Well, with its Bluetooth® wireless technology, the c416 gives you all the freedom you want. You can connect to headsets, hands-free units and other compatible products - all without the wires. Let freedom ring.

key specifications

* Dimension (HXWXD): 3.66" x 1.89" x 0.65"
* Camera Resolution: VGA, 640x480 Pixel
* FM Radio: No
* Document Viewer: No

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