Samsung SGH-d406 Cell Phone

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Samsung SGH-d406 Cell Phone

The SAMSUNG d406 packs a lot of technology into its 3.27 ounces. Like a camera and camcorder. Bluetooth® wireless technology. A Speakerphone. A bright, 65,000-color internal display. And Multimedia Messaging. To top it all off, it's all wrapped up in a stylish black and grey package you'd be proud to take out of your pocket or pocketbook.

camera and camcorder
Like to take pictures? Like to save a lot of pictures? The d406 lets you choose between four picture resolutions so you can choose to keep more on your phone. Plus, there's a digital zoom, self-timer and other real-camera settings - not to mention a camcorder and video player.

advanced voice recognition
Your friends and family might not understand you, but your d406 will. Advanced Voice Recognition means you can use your voice to dial numbers, pull up contacts or open applications.

Powered by an ENERGY STAR® qualified adaptor for a better environment.

Bluetooth® wireless technology
A good phone helps you be a good communicator. The d406 - and it's Bluetooth® wireless technology - lets you connect to headsets, hands-free units and other compatible products with ease. And all without wires.

key specifications

* Dimension (HXWXD): 3.42" x 1.79" x 0.96"
* Camera Resolution: Multiple Resolutions: 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 176 x 160, 160 x 120
* FM Radio: No
* Document Viewer: No

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