Samsung SGH-p107 Cell Phone

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Samsung SGH-p107 Cell Phone

Sleek. Stylish. And so very smart. This phone lets you take and send pictures with text messages to family and friends instantly.

send pictures with text
With this amazing sleek phone from SAMSUNG, not only can you take the picture, you can set the scene! That's because the SGH-p107 allows you to send text messages along with your pictures to friends, family, business associates, whoever! We call it Multimedia Messaging Support (MMS). You can call it cool.

send messages with sound and animation
Want to make your communication even more compelling? Add sound and animation to your text messages using Enhanced Messaging Service Support (EMS).

it's your phone - personalize it!
You can customize your phone by downloading polyphonic ringers, screen savers, wallpapers and more. Or choose from a plethora of animated wallpapers, 40-note polyphonic ring tones and games (X-Fighter, Space War) already on your phone.

bells and whistles galore!
The SAMSUNG also doubles as a personal organizer, featuring a calendar, to–do list, alarm clock, calculator and currency exchange tool. It even has an External Display for caller ID, so you can see who’s calling before you answer.

powerful built-in digital camera
- Take and send quality pictures to any compatible phone or email address with MMS.
- Picture Resolution: 352 x 288 pixels
- 2x digital zoom
- 10x brightness adjustment
- 10 second Self Timer

most vibrant color display available
Experience the market leading screen technology of the SGH–p107’s vibrant 65,000 color TFD display. Now you can download, send, receive and view images–not to mention surf the Internet–in truly amazing, living color.

surf and send email from virtually anywhere
The SAMSUNG SGH–p107 is Internet compatible, meaning you can access the internet, e-mail, corporate intranets, games and more right from your phone. You can even connect to a laptop and surf from there!

key specifications

* Dimension (HXWXD): 3.5" x 1.8" x 0.8"
* Camera Resolution: 352 x 288 Pixel
* FM Radio: No
* Document Viewer: Yes

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