Samsung SPH-a640 Cell Phone

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Samsung SPH-a640 Cell Phone

If you like dark sunglasses, tinted windshields and black anything, the Samsung a640 is the phone for you. Its glossy black exterior hides a cool blue display that only shows up when it lights up. Inside, things are just as cool – Bluetooth® wireless technology, a sweet camera, a speakerphone that actually sounds good and much, much more.

Bluetooth® wireless technology
Wireless is fun. The a640 lets you connect to compatible PCs, hands-free systems, printers and more. Plus, you can wear one of those cool earpieces. Okay, wireless is way fun.

high quality speakerphone
Whether you want to talk hands-free or get your friends in on the conversation, the speakerphone on the a640 makes you sound good and lets you hear clearly.

digital camera with zoom
This isn’t just a phone with a camera. It’s a phone with a camera that has a flash, a digital zoom, a self-timer and brightness control.

voice activated dialing
You say a phone number, the a640 dials. It also works for pulling up contacts or launching applications. Your voice is more powerful than you thought, isn’t it?


Operating System: REX
Browser: WAP 2.0

Internal: Technology: 65K TFT LCD; Resolution: QQVGA (128 x 160 pixel)
External: Technology: OLED; Resolution: 80 x 64 pixel

Battery Slim: Talk time: 3.8 hours
Camera Resolution: VGA

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