Samsung SPH-a700 Cell Phone

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Samsung SPH-a700 Cell Phone

Carry the lifestyle accessory of the season. The MM-a700 is light-weight, sleek and packs a punch with its built-in multimedia features.

streaming video
Never miss the breaking news from CNN or the latest sports scores from Fox Sports with the MM-a700's streaming video capabilities.

built-in camcorder
Send and receive funny "in-the-moment" home videos via the MM-a700's built-in camcorder.

Powered by an ENERGY STAR® qualified adaptor for a better environment.

digital camera
Leave the digital camera at home. Point, click and shoot hi-resolution images with the MM-a700's embedded digital camera. Never miss a moment!

voice activation
With advanced voice-recognition software powered by VoiceSignal, experience the world's first "one step"command voice activation. Address text messages with one, single command. Simple and easy, from SAMSUNG.

key specifications

* Dimension (HXWXD): 3.5" × 1.97" × 1.0"
* Camera Resolution: 1 Mega Pixel, CMOS

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