Samsung SPH-a760 Cell Phone

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Samsung SPH-a760 Cell Phone

Instant walkie-talkie mode, built-in speaker phone, and high-speed Internet keeps you connected to the right people, information, and action.

get ready to go with ready link
Put your business, family, and friends on Sprint's Ready Link program and you'll never be out of touch again. The a760's walkie-talkie like connection lets you link up with one or many Ready Link users, without using any minutes.

voice your opinion
Send instant voice messages to up to 10 mobile phones or email addresses at once. SMS messaging even lets you answer text messages with your voice.

link up to the action
Download the latest games, ringers, screen savers, and applications Keep track of your activities with the a760's built-in organizer. Surf the web to get the latest news, latest weather and more.

Powered by an ENERGY STAR® qualified adaptor for a better environment.

you've got their number
The Ready Link address book gives you room to store contact info for 200 hundred of your closest friends, and 200 of your favorite coworkers, associates, and clients. In addition, store up to 300 numbers in the a760's main contact list.

go ahead, speak up!
You're always on board with the a760's external speaker phone. Hands-free communication has never been easier, whether you're driving a car, or cooking dinner.

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