Samsung SPH-i300 Cell Phone

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Samsung SPH-i300 Cell Phone

The ultimate business tool. Now there's one smart device for calling, browsing, e-mailing and organizing your life.

get organized
- With 8MB of memory sync up with your PC for current date book, address book, to-do lists and notes, and read and respond to downloaded e-mail.
- Send contacts, notes and applications to your colleague's IR-capable device.
- Track expenses and set meeting and appointment reminders.
- Access all PDA and downloadable content and e-mails while the phone is off - a priceless in-flight feature.
- Record up to 10 one-minute voice memos or conversations.

go online
- Access the web with support for web clippings and full color HTML browsers.
- Get quick Web access to flight listings, stock quotes, maps, news and weather.
- Send and receive e-mails and faxes anytime, anywhere.

manage your calls
- Drive hands free with voice-activated dialing and speakerphone functions.
- Be more efficient with speed dialing, voice memo, call waiting/forwarding, 3-way calling, caller ID and more.
- Check incoming calls on the top-view LCD screen while using Palm™ applications on the large color, touch-screen panel.
- Dial directly from your address book with one hand using multi-functional keys.

look & feel
- Dial without stylus using bright, easy-to-read touch-screen display.
- Main screen is 256-color with adjustable contrast; one touch button quickly switches from - Palm™ apps to phone's virtual keypad.
- Virtual graffiti pad and speakerphone functions let you answer calls and write notes simultaneously.
- Lightweight and stylish at just 6 ounces.
- Top-view LCD screen lets you check calls, phone status while working in Palm™ applications.

key specifications

* Dimension (HXWXD): 4.9" x 2.28" x 0.82"
* Camera Resolution: No
* Music Player: No
* FM Radio: No

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