Samsung SPH-m310 Slash Mobile Phone

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Samsung SPH-m310 Slash Mobile Phone

First, you wanted a phone. Then you wanted a phone/camera. Now you want a phone/camera/messaging device/browser/video game/everything. That’s why we made the Virgin Mobile Slash by SAMSUNG. It gives you all the slashes you want in your life, all in a really slim and slick slider. Pick one up and you’ll see it’s the perfect phone for work/play/keeping in touch.

Bluetooth® wireless technology
The Slash lets you do a lot of stuff – including going wireless. It has Bluetooth® Wireless Technology so you can connect to Bluetooth-enabled headsets and hands-free car kits – all, of course, without wires.

messaging and email
You don’t need to be sitting at your computer to be connected with all your friends. We loaded up the Slash with all the messaging options you want – text messaging, instant messaging and full-on email – and it works in both English and Spanish. So you’re good (y bueno) to go.

Powered by an ENERGY STAR® qualified adaptor for a better environment.

camera with zoom
There’s a lot more than a phone in the Slash. There’s a VGA-quality camera with a 4X digital zoom, so you can get a really tight, clear shot of your friends acting like complete idiots.

full color screen
65,000. That’s how many colors you can see on the Slash display. Which means anything you put on there – from a photo to a Web page to a wallpaper of your favorite band – will be beautiful. And very colorful.


Platform Browser: WAP 2.0

External: Technology: 65K colors; Resolution: 128 x 160 pixel

Battery Standard: Talk time up to 3.5 h
Camera Digital / Optical Zoom: 4x digital zoom

Music & Sound
Poly Ringtones: 72-note polyphonic ring tones
3D sound technology: No
Music Library: No

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