Sanyo PRO-200 Cell Phone

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Sanyo PRO-200 Cell Phone

Now enjoy SANYO's acclaimed quality and performance together with the speed of Nextel Direct Connect®, providing instant two-way communication at the touch of a button. Offering a compact and durable design, the PRO-200 is packed with powerful capabilities to enhance productivity.

Nextel Direct Connect

* Instant two-way "walkie-talkie-style" communication on the world's largest push-to-talk network:
  o Direct Connect® – private, one-to-one communication with other Direct Connect (DC) users
  o  Group Connect® – create and manage groups "on the fly" or online with up to 20 other DC users
  o TeamDCSM – create a group online of up to 35 users that allows nationwide group calling (with Sprint DC capable phones only). With TeamDC, all members can access the most up-to-date group list on their phone.
* Interoperable with legacy Nextel phones.4
* One number for both voice and DC calls
* Variety of DC ringers – use the traditional "chirp" or select something new
* Recent DC list –  list of 60 most recent DC calls
* Call Alerts – notifies a user that you want to communicate with them via DC
* Missed Call Notification –  advises you that someone tried to reach you via DC
* Direct Connect Permissions –  control who has access to you via DC
* TeamDCSM Talker Priority – assign Talker Priority for each group member so on a call a member with higher priority can "break in" when members with a lower priority are speaking.
* Blue backlit DC button

Compact, Stylish & Durable Design

* Low-profile shape
* Light-weight
* Dual internal antennas – no external stub
* Smooth, non-slip surface on the back

Advanced GPS Capabilities

* Sprint Navigation accessible on the main menu
* Autonomous GPS
* Supports multiple JAVA applications operating simultaneously
* Supports advanced 3rd-party navigation, tracking and management applications (e.g. Actsoft, AirClick, AirTrak, Telenav Track, Xora and others; see Sprint for details)

Excellent Battery Performance

* Standard Battery: up to 4.9 hours talk time
* Extended Battery (optional): up to 7.8 hours talk time

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

* Profiles:
  o HSP (Headsets)
  o HFP, HFP1.5 (Hands-Free Car Kits)
  o OPP (Object Push Profile for vCard/vCal transfer)
  o DUN (Dial-Up Network, e.g. "Phone as Modem")
  o BPP (Bluetooth Printing Profile)
  o PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile)
* Also supports Bluetooth Barcode readers

High-Quality Speakerphone

* High-Quality SANYO Speakerphone (2 x 15mm mono)
* Provides ample volume and clarity for voice and DC calls
* Dedicated internal and external buttons for easy operation
* Make calls with phone closed using Recent Call List button, accessing the last 60 calls

Big, Bright, Vibrant Screens

* 2.0" vivid 65k-color TFT LCD main display with In-Plane Switching technology (IPS-LCD)
* In-Plane Switching delivers brighter, more colorful images with excellent contrast and superior off-axis viewing
* Main display offers QVGA-resolution (240x340 pixels), providing more detail than traditional screens
* 1.3" high-contrast, easy-to-read external LCD display for better visibility outdoors

Sprint Power VisionSM capable

* High-speed uploads and downloads (EV-DO Rev. A speed)
* Browse the Web (WAP 2.0 browser)
* Access web email and instant messaging services
* Download applications, games, ringers, and screensavers

Restrict and Lock

* Limit incoming and/or outgoing calls to all calls, phone book contacts only, or 3 "Special Numbers"
* Lock Voice Calls, and/or Sprint Power Vision services (note: if Nextel Direct Connect is active, data services cannot be disabled)

Sprint Mobile Sync
Sprint Mobile Sync is an easy-to-use online tool that lets you manage all of your contact info online:

* Allows an individual to manage his/her phonebook contacts through the web interface
* Allows an administrator for a company or organization to manage a list of contacts for multiple phones and "push" them wirelessly to those phones
* Used for setting up Group Connect and TeamDC groups
* Groups can be set up for PTT or text/voice messaging
* Automatically stores your phonebook contacts on the Sprint network allowing them to be instantly updated in the event your phone is lost, stolen, or replaced

Phone as Modem

* With Sprint Connection Manager Software and the required Sprint Vision service plan, the PRO-200 can be used as a mobile modem for your laptop using an optional USB cable or Bluetooth.
*  Broadband-like speeds (EV-DO Rev. A)

Other Features

* Sprint Mobile Email — supports "push" email from popular services such as Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN as well as IMAP & POP3 accounts.
* 2-way SMS Text and Voice Messaging
* Dedicated "Text" and "Web" keys
* Instant Messaging (web-based)
* Voice-activated dialing (up to 30 entries)
* Caller-ID capability (Number, Picture, Ringer)
* Call Screening (Pre-recorded or custom 12-second announcement)
* Answer on Hold (External activation: press & hold Call/End key)
* Voice Memo (Recording time: low-quality mode up to 10.7 hours max and high quality mode up to 5.3 hours max depending on the remaining memory.)
* Phone Book (600 name entries with 4,200 total phone numbers, 1,800 Email and 600 Web Addresses)
* Speed Dials – store up to 98 numbers
* Call History:
  o Voice calls: 20 outgoing calls, 20 incoming calls, 20 missed calls, 60 recent calls
  o DC calls: 20 outgoing calls, 20 incoming calls, 20 missed calls, 60 recent calls
* Calendar
* Alarm Clock
* Stop Watch
* Calculator
* Picture Mail (Receive only)
* Vibrating Alert - 4 distinctive types
* T9 Text Input
* TTY Capable
* 72-Chord Polyphonic ringers
* JAVA (MIDP 2.0) enabled
* Digital Dual-band - Digital: 1.9 GHz, 800 MHz
* M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Rating
* 2.5mm headset jack, compatible with legacy Nextel accessories

Dimensions & Weight

* Unit Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.0" x 1.7" x 0.7"
* Unit Weight: 3.4 oz.

Included Accessories

* AC Phone Charger
* Standard SANYO battery (1050 mAh Lithium Ion)
* Holster

Optional Accessories

* Extended SANYO Battery (1650 mAh Lithium Ion)
* Micro USB Cable
* Vehicle Power Adaptor