Sanyo SCP-4920 Cell Phone

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-21
Sanyo SCP-4920 Cell Phone

Power up with this dual band/tri-mode bar phone that delivers up to 5 hours of digital talk time and 6 days of digital standby time. Also features a high-quality built-in speakerphone and nationwide walkie-talkie style communication with “10-4” service from Bell.

Outstanding Battery Performance

Powerful 1700 mAh SANYO battery
Talk Time = 5 hours
Standby Time = 6 days

Sweet Technology

National coverage on the 1X network
Built-in quality speakerphone
Digital voice recorder with up to 50 minutes of record time (up to 20 memos)
1.6” STN LCD display with 65,536 colors
Voice-activated dialing for up to 30 entries
Key Press Echo - provides audio confirmation of buttons pressed

Messaging, Games, Ringers & More

2-way SMS
Web browsing
Downloadable games, ringers and screen savers
32-chord polyphonic ringtones
Photo/Ringer Caller ID

Personal Information Manager

Contacts: Store up to 300 names (500 total phone numbers), 300 e-mail addresses and 300 URLs
Event calendar
To-do list
Programmable reminders for holidays, birthdays, or other significant dates
Call alarm

Walkie-Talkie Style Communication!

Communication with other 10-4 subscribers - one-to-one or one-to-many (total group size of up to six).
The same phone number can be used for the “10-4” service and traditional cellular calls.
Add, edit or delete contact entries on your phone or via the web.
High quality, built-in speakerphone enables hands-free conversation.