Sanyo SCP-8300 Wireless Phone

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-21
Sanyo SCP-8300 Wireless Phone

The latest in SANYO's award-winning 8000 Series phones, the new SCP-8300 adds a camcorder function, streaming media, and changeable colour faceplate to enhance your mobile style.

Digital Camera/Camcorder

Capture digital pictures with up to 310,000 pixels of image resolution. Store the pictures on the phone or online, or send them to other compatible phones and e-mail addresses.

Built-in Flash & Digital Zoom

Get up-close and personal with your favorite subjects.

Shoot and Share Mini Videos

Shoot video clips up to 30-seconds in length, with or without audio. Then send the videos to other compatible phones or e-mail addresses.


Access to TV and audio clips of news, weather, sports and entertainment. Download ring tones, screensavers and games.

"10-4" (Walkie-Talkie Style Communication) Compatible