Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot Camera Phone

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Sony Ericsson C902 Cyber-shot Camera Phone

Do more than just talk with the multi-functional C902 Cyber-shot™ camera phone. Packed with features, this device has a 5.0 megapixel camera with Auto Focus, Face Detection and a built-in xenon flash with red-eye correction. It's also easy to share your photos with friends using picture messaging or posting them to a blog. In addition, this phone is a full-functioning music player with a built in FM tuner. Also available in Luscious Red.

5 Megapixel camera
Stylish and slim with an innovative design, C902 gives you a true Cyber-shot™ camera experience with 5 megapixel camera. 16x digital zoom with auto focus, an image and video stabilizer, Photo flash, BestPic™ technology with light, Auto rotate, Face detection technology and Photo fix are few of great features included. All these come together for high quality pictures. Photo flash will turn on automatically for pictures and you can now use light with BestPic™ technology and when recording videos. A picture can be easily shared with friends and family via picture messaging, email or blog. Pictures can also be transferred to another phone or computer using any available transfer method, such as Bluetooth® technology or USB cable. The camera is protected by a lens cover and the horizontal user interface allows for easier camera handling.

8 Camera touch keys
If you need to adjust the camera settings, onscreen touch keys appear above and below the camera viewfinder. They act as shortcuts to commonly used camera features such as shoot modes, scenes, time and more.

Face detection technology
The camera brings an off-center face into focus if there are people in the picture. The camera will find and focus on a face and make it look sharp. No more blurred faces on your pictures!

BestPic™ technology with light
A unique function for Sony Ericsson camera imaging. Taking a single picture or even a burst of pictures does not always catch the moment, which may have been just before or just after the camera key was pressed. BestPic™ technology is designed to solve this problem. Press the camera key half way down and the camera starts capturing pictures. Press the key fully down, and nine pictures appear automatically. The pictures range from left (just before pressing the camera key fully down) to center (camera key fully down) to right (just after pressing the camera key fully down). The center picture is the default picture, but not necessarily the best one. Browse the picture series and save the best pictures. BestPic™ technology has been updated and can now be used together with light.

Auto rotate
Capturing a portrait photo with a horizontal camera usually results in a picture that must be rotated when viewed. Auto rotate registers picture orientation when the picture is taken, whether in portrait or landscape mode, and saves this information with the picture. When viewed, the picture appears as the orientation with which it was taken.

Photo tags
Navigate through your captured photos and thousands of downsized photos transferred from your computer. View captured photos and video clips in an intuitive timeline view. Play animated slide shows with music and different moods. Tag your photos to find them faster. The built-in sensor in the camera ensures that all photos are rotated correctly.

Motion Control Gaming
Play games on your phone in a new way with Motion Control Gaming technology. You can move your C902 to control gaming functions in a similar way as a game controller. Tilt the phone forwards, backwards, left or right to accelerate, decelerate, turn left or turn right. Additionally, with Java™, users can download new games and skill levels to further enhance their entertainment experience.