Sony Ericsson HCB-300 Bluetooth Car Handsfree

Sony Ericsson Updated: 2007-09-30
Sony Ericsson HCB-300 Bluetooth Car Handsfree

Bluetooth™ Car Handsfree HCB-300
Wireless car communication

Keep your phone in your bag and leave your hands for the wheel.

Convenience and safety
Rely on safety and convenience with this Bluetooth™ Car Handsfree. The Color ID feature lets up to five people use the HCB-300.

Smart in-car calling
Just turn on the ignition – the Bluetooth™ connection automatically links up with the last phone used. Push a key, change the connection.

The Bluetooth™ experience
Bluetooth™ wireless technology frees more than your hands – it lets your devices talk to each other without tangles, across ranges of up to 10 meters.

Auto pairing™
A feature that makes pairing the device with your Bluetooth™ mobile phone faster and simpler by dropping the PIN code without compromising security.