Sony Ericsson K750i Camera Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony Ericsson K750i Camera Mobile Phone

Get creative
Easy-to-use image management software for your PC lets you create photo albums and add effects; this phone takes quality video too.

Be entertained
Relax with the advanced digital music player, FM radio and fast music download; enjoy the impressive sound and graphics of the latest mobile games.

It’s organized
Don’t panic, you’ve got a synchronized calendar and advanced phone book with you all the time – plus all the messaging and connectivity you need.

Smile – it's more than a great camera!
This phone gives you a fantastic quality camera in your pocket; capture that special moment anywhere and email impressive images around the world.

Integrated camera
Built-in digital camera with screen viewfinder, dedicated menus and direct interaction with in-phone imaging and messaging features.

Media player
Enjoy your streamed and recorded video and music using the integrated Media player. Several file formats are supported.

Mega Bass
Enhanced bass frequencies for a superior listening experience.

Take a picture of where you are, record or write a greeting and send to any MMS-capable phone or email address. Send pictures, text, sound and video.

The Bluetooth™ experience
Bluetooth™ wireless technology frees more than your hands – it lets your devices talk to each other without tangles, across ranges of up to 10 metres.

Video streaming
Enjoy real time video feeds from the Internet - no need to wait for the download or use up storage space on your phone, just stream it.

Capture the action
Video clips are ideal for those unexpected great moments that happen when you're out there, enjoying life.

GPRS offers fast and effective mobile data transfer. When you use GPRS, you are only charged for data sent and received and not for airtime.