Sony Ericsson MMV-200 Bluetooth Media Center

Sony Ericsson Updated: 2007-09-30
Sony Ericsson MMV-200 Bluetooth Media Center

Bluetooth™ Media Center MMV-200
Useful at work and at play

Leave your laptop and run presentations from your phone; take party photos for an entertaining slideshow later; listen to music the way you like it.

Wireless entertainment hub
Connect and share the media on your phone via your stereo, TV or computer monitor. Give your music, images and videos a wider audience.

Full media experience
Just connect the MMV-200 to a TV or stereo via a standard RCA cable or attach it to a monitor via the VGA port for photo and music sharing.

All Sony Ericsson wireless devices have been developed in coordination with Sony Ericsson mobile phones, but are also compatible with Bluetooth™-equipped handsets from other manufacturers.

The Bluetooth™ experience
Bluetooth™ wireless technology frees more than your hands – it lets your devices talk to each other without tangles, across ranges of up to 10 meters.