Asus LS221H Widescreen LCD Monitor

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Asus LS221H Widescreen LCD Monitor

Elegance from the Hardest and the Softest Materials

Elegance is the instant emotion of exquisite sophistication – a feeling the LS221H 22" LCD screen exudes with both its Sapphire-hard protection glass screen and its smooth, soft leather panel. Thought and perfect execution has been put into every edge and surface of this masterfully-crafted monitor. And to further increase your viewing pleasure, it is powerfully equipped with innovative video technologies. Externally and internally, elegant and enhanced – a true reflection on ASUS' high standard of style and substance.

Slim & Graceful Style
As the world's slimmest, its side profile is so amazingly thin for a 22" wide screen that it looks more like a magazine. Its diamond cut corners and edges lend a touch of smoothness to balance with the clean lines. The aesthetically slim and elegant outlook of the LS221H exudes a lustrous black gloss that subtly attracts your attention.

Creative Application to Wall Mount
The LS221H allows you to progress wall mount. Pressing its innovative side button, the LS221H can be adjusted to apply VESA wall-mounted function that further serves to show space aesthetics in different angles.

Hard as Sapphire, Clear as Crystal
An extremely anti-reflection glass exudes a polished sleekness but it's not just a look. The glass surface is highly protected with a scratch-proof resistance of 9H (sapphire toughness) as compared to the generic at only 2H. When looking at this screen, you'll enjoy a high transmission rate of up to 96% and a low reflective rate of less than 2% to give you a clear view of great images and vibrant colors.

Note.The cover glass has passed the ASTM(American Society for Testing and Materials) D3363-92a standard of the hardness test.

Supple to the Leather Feel
The first monitor ever to be dressed with genuine leather, its lower panel adds a high-end tactile feel to the entire look. This is a mix and match of hard and soft materials to further enhance the luxurious nature of the LS221H.

Unique Ambience of Base Lighting
Aptly named 'Light-in-Motion' , the LS221H has a circular ring of light in the base that changes colors according to the using scenario. Five lighting effects(blue/ red/ orange/ pink/ green) evolve power of emotional ambiance accompanying by each Splendid video mode. This gives a beautiful illumination that helps your eyes see without straining.

Fast Response Time
With the Trace Free Technology delivering a rapid response time of 2ms (gray-to-gray), you will truly enjoy picture quality that is sharp and without ghosting effect, especially useful when playing fast action video games.

Impressive Contrast Ratio
Using ASCR (ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio) technology, the LS221H has a contrast ratio of 4000:1 for an amazingly dynamic black and white contrast, providing sharp and bright images that are extremely well-defined.

HD Enjoyment with HDMI Input
When playing from high definition (HD) sources, the HDMI port doesn't lose any digital data and transfers in perfect quality so you'll always enjoy the full potential of high definition, whether it's movies or videos.

Display 4:3 Contents Perfectly on Widescreen
The "Aspect Control" function allows selecting display modes between Full and 4:3 modes for perfect enjoyment of the true-to-life HD video games and movies without image distortion.

Intelligent image enhancement
The LS221H comes with ASUS exclusive Splendid Video Intelligence Technology that automatically corrects and constantly adjusts every detail of image to optimize the visual quality. That means deeper colors, sharper contrasts and an overall brighter picture. At the same time, it provides 5 video preset modes and 3 skin tones to suit your personal preference.