BenQ V2400W LCD Monitor

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BenQ V2400W LCD Monitor

It all began with a blueprint of an LCD monitor that's simple yet extraordinary from every angle, a monitor that's crafted with sinuous lines, carrying

The strength of the confident,
The power of the achieved,
The style of the sophisticated,
And the elegance of a noble mind.

The designers at the BenQ Lifestyle Design Center founded the concept of Kinergy Design aspiring to execute such a monitor. The term Kinergy refers to a feeling of kinetic energy, a force released and embodied by the contour rim of the V Series monitors, a force so powerful that dominates time and space.

With Kinergy Design, people will be able to stand witness to the power and elegance of simplicity, to the extent that it becomes a centerpiece of design. Enjoy the difference.

Kinergy Design. The All Around Beauty of Kinetic Energy. BenQ V Series.

The Face of Modern Perfection
Built on the Kinergy Design, the BenQ V2400W makes a bold yet charming statement of modern simplicity. Born in the imagination and designed with kinetic beauty, the V2400W is the crafted face of modern perfection.

A Feeling of Movement and Energy
Breaking through traditional thinking about symmetry, the BenQ V2400W's asymmetric base stand design brings an end to 'staid' design.The beauty of movement has now been captured for you to enjoy.

Smooth Curves
BenQ boldly adapts to the new injection technology, RHCM (Rapid Heat cycle Molding) processing, in forming the sheer and glossy curved rear of the V2400W. Unlike traditional injection processes, RHCM can create an exceptional weld-free surface appearance.

A Clever Touch
The touch pads add a sense of balance to the V2400W design. Make the adjustments to your screen with the tip of your finger and get ready for a beautiful and modern visual journey of pleasure.

The Perfect Linear Expression
BenQ brings you the world's slimmest 24' widescreen LCD monitor. Slenderized by its elegant contour lines, the V2400W features an ultra-thin width of only 24mm.

AMA Designed for the Supreme Visual Feast
With AMA, V2400W gives you the truest color in the shortest time by enhancing image clarity and reducing visual noise with a mere 2ms GTG response time!

Dynamic Contrast Ratio for Perfectly Detailed Picture
he DCR technology fine-tunes darkened and complex pictures by boosting the dynamic contrast ratio, making movies and video games more enjoyable.

Enjoy Colors of the World with Senseye+Photo Image Technology
The Senseye+Photo Image Technology sharpens images, eliminates jaggies and corrects blurs, giving you the best viewing quality via four pre-set modes fitting to your everyday needs. What's more, the NSTL certified sRGB mode delivers especially true-to-film images through the sRGB display device of your choice.

Perfect Your Audiovisual Enjoyment
Enjoy uncompressed images with the highest viewing quality from a variety of digital content services with 1080p full HD and HDMI! With 5GBps digital transit, the V2400W gets you fully connected to game consoles, DVD players, or PCs!

-24"W LCD Monitor (1920x1200)
-The Slimest 24"W LCD Monitor
-2 ms GTG Response Time
-4000:1 DCR
-HDMI, DVI and D-sub Inputs
-Headphone Jack
-Vista Premium