HP w1858 HD Ready Widescreen LCD Monitor

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HP w1858 HD Ready Widescreen LCD Monitor

Get a high-resolution picture, plenty of room to view, and total flexibility with our compact w1858 18.5" HD Ready Widescreen LCD Monitor. You can capture movies in their original format, and the 16:9 aspect ratio will give you a crisp view of everything from documents to photos to games.

* Get optimal widescreen viewing with the 16:9 aspect ratio
* Expand your view to include more room for Web pages wide documents, and on-line games with the 18.5" widescreen LCD
* Personalize your view: optimize the display for movies, photos, or games with one of the Quick View modes
* Clearly view details with the maximum resolution of 1366 x 768; get crisp images with the 1000:1 contrast ratio
* Display both digital and analog content using the DVI-D with HDCP and VGA connectivity

Superior sound, connections, and more

* Enjoy music and sound that's balanced and well-rounded with the speaker enclosure design
* Free up desk space with the slim profile, built-in speakers, and ability to park your keyboard at the base of the monitor
* View copy-protected high-definition content
* Adjust the monitor angle from left to right and top to bottom using the tilt and swivel feature
* Mount on a wall: the base is detachable (wall adapter not included)

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