Hitachi UltraVision UT32V502W UltraThin LCD HDTV Monitor

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Hitachi UltraVision UT32V502W UltraThin LCD HDTV Monitor

The revolutionary new 32" Class V Series UltraThin 1.5(TM) flat screen LCD is the ultimate combination of high end luxury design and innovative original technologies. Unlike conventional displays with an average 4" thickness, the Hitachi UltraThin 1.5(TM) has a sleek, lightweight 1.5" thin design. The 32" Class UT32V502W features a stylish 360 degree high gloss finish with a stunning White Pearl Metallic Crystal Frame.

An innovative fanless, computer-inspired ventilation system allows the display panel to attain this remarkable thinness, while the PictureMaster™ HD V Processor ensures that the innovative slim design dosen't sacrifice Hitachi high performance.

The 1366 x 768 high resolution picture of the UltraThin is enhanced by 120Hz Panel Speed with Motion Interpolation, a video processing technology that upgrades all television broadcast signals to 120 frames per second for the clearest, sharpest LCD picture ever.

The 32" V Series' incredibly lightweight design makes it easy to install, bringing impressive UltraThin design to any room.

Key Features

120Hz with Motion Interpolation
Video processing technology that upgrades all signals to 120 frames per second for the clearest, sharpest LCD picture ever.

360° High Gloss Finish
The Hitachi UltraThin HDTV Monitor is designed with a dramatically sleek finish that makes it beautiful to view from any angle. With a beveled frame, unique inner frame radius, and precise, seamless design, the UltraThin complements and enhances any living environment.

Crystal Frame (Anthracite Pearl)
A White Pearl Metallic coating applied to the back of the translucent frame creates the appearance of an "Anthracite Pearl". For the White Model (502W) the same White Pearl Metallic coating is applied to a clear frame giving it a sparkling pearl-like appearance.

EEFL High Efficiency Back Light
Unique backlighting technology from Hitachi delivers a vibrant, bright picture with better color reproduction, 20% better efficiency, and a longer life than conventional LCD, and is completely lead-free.

In Plane Switching Pro (IPS-Pro)
LCD technology that enhances black levels, improves motion response and has the best contrast in the world for viewing from an angle.

PictureMaster™ HD VI and V
Proprietary digital video processor optimizes picture performance on all incoming source material.

Ultra Quiet-fanless ventilation
Instead of using fans to cool the electronic components like a conventional flat panel television, UltraThin 1.5" uses a computer-inspired ultra-quiet and efficient fanless cooling technique that allows the display to be thinner and closer to the wall.

UltraThin 1.5" (1.38" min)
A remarkably thin, lightweight, sleek and easy to install flat panel monitor. The UltraThin 1.5(TM) is 1/3 the size of a conventional flat panels.

3D Digital Color Management
Custom color management allows users to fine tune each primary and secondary color to meet individual preferences.

Audio Video Center with ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuning
The optional Audio Video Center(AVC08U) is ideal for viewers who don't have a digital cable or satellite tuner. The AVC08U can be used to switch between HDMI(3) and component inputs(2) and includes a digital TV tuner for your UltraThin 1.5(TM).

Automatic 2:3 Film Enhancement
For content that is originated on film, Hitachi 2:3 film enhancement ensures that each and every video field is constructed from a single film frame for smoother reproduction of film to achieve the highest resolution possible.

Dot by Dot Aspect Mode
Allows you to see every pixel of high definition programming the way the director created it, without scaling or changing the pixels.

Flexible Black Insertion for Superior Clarity
Black data is inserted into frames to refresh the viewer's visual system, virtually eliminate eyestrain common to conventional LCD designs and allowing the viewer to see more precise detail in the picture.

Game Mode
Game Mode allows for the fastest game response possible by disabling detection processing which is unnecessary for gaming.

Multiple Language On Screen Display
Information can be displayed on your screen in seven different languages.

Picture Modes (Dynamic, Natural, Cinema)
The Picture Modes feature stores and remembers ideal picture settings by name for different types of content viewing.

Ultra Wide 178° Viewing Angle IPS Liquid Crystal Display
Innovative LCD technologies deliver a wide viewing angle, excellent response time, and low power consumption.

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