Lenovo 4418HC1 L195 HD LCD Monitor

Lenovo Updated: 2008-12-24 RSS
Lenovo 4418HC1 L195 HD LCD Monitor

The Lenovo L195 Wide monitor provides an excellent viewing experience by offering 1680 x 1050 resolution. The L195 Wide offers digital visual interface (DVI) connectivity with high-bandwidth digital copy protection (HDCP) to deliver high-definition viewing of protected contents. The widescreen monitor improves efficiency with easy viewing of multiple applications. The L195 wide monitor coordinates with any Lenovo consumer Idea Centre system and is the ideal choice to replace the 17-inch LCD monitor. It matches the Lenovo design and comes in shining, high gloss black. This monitor is best suited for complex spreadsheets, multitasking, individual study and entertainment and multiple-monitor environments.

Features and Benefits:

* 19-inch (481-mm) viewable image size
* Optimum resolution:  1680 x 1050 @ 60Hz
* Tilt stand for viewing comfort adjustments
* 16 x 10 aspect ratio
* Analog and DVI-D attachment
* Internal power
* Enable Consumer Soundbar for daily audio usage
* Kensington lock slot compatible for security