Mitsubishi LDT521V LCD Monitor

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Mitsubishi LDT521V LCD Monitor

The LDT521V HD LCD monitor is a big 52" display that adds impact to your digital multimedia. This professional - quality monitor is ideal for message boards, video conferencing, emergency operations, retail kiosks, or broadcast displays. It will enhance your building or operations center with everything from advertising to welcome messages to vital, up-to-the-minute news and information.

LCD Monitor That's Built for the Pro
This LCD display monitors is designed specifically for the pro integrator or A/V installer. No TV grade consumer panels here. For long-term extended use, this LCD monitor features a 50,000 hour backlight and automatic power saving to display crisp text and video with virtually no burn-in. You can easily integrate with 3rd party touch overlays or control systems and it includes a built-in content scheduler.

High Impact Display Monitor
There's no chance of washout in bright environments with a high contrast of 1800:1 and 450 cd/m2 brightness. Mitsubishi's patented Natural Color MatrixTM and 6 ms response time delivers rich, vibrant and realistic images, and smooth video display.

Versatile LCD Display Monitor for Your Application

* Operate in individual or tiled (video wall) configurations
* HDMI, DVI-D, BNC, RGB (composite and component) interfaces
* MAC and PC compatible
* Digital zoom
* International-friendly with NTSC, PAL, SECAM format and auto-ranging power input
* Optional speakers

MEMOS: Unmatched Mitsubishi Service For Your LCD Monitor
Mitsubishi Express Monitor Onsite Service (MEMOS) eliminates shipping costs, with service provided onsite within 48 hours. The 3-year warranty on LCD panels and monitor parts and labor will make you confident you're making the right decision when you buy Mitsubishi.


Rapid Video Response Time: Enjoyment of artifact free graphics and video in full motion environments.
Motion "Shift" Function: Increased protection against image retention and image persistence.
Power Save: Detects when input signal is no longer active and will automate the monitor to a Power Save state to help save the life of the LCD panel.
High Contrast Ratio (1500:1): For an incredible visual detail in both data and video display. S-Gamma Control.
Scheduling: Display during the hours you want – power saving. Flexible control over content.
Tile Matrix: Create data wall / tile display with multiple LCD Monitors.
Picture-in-Picture: Show two active input displays simultaneously.
Panel Lock Out: Prevent unauthorized tampering of panel controls.
VESA Compliant: Allows for VESA standard mounting arms or mounts.

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