Mitsubishi PD-5050 Plasma Monitor

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-14
Mitsubishi PD-5050 Plasma Monitor

A stunning example of Mitsubishi’s technological expertise and one of our top plasma models. With 1365x768 pixel, ultra-high resolution this advanced widescreen displays incredibly bright colors and impressive contrast for a remarkable viewing experience.

A wealth of smart features makes this model a beautiful addition to your desk, living room or home theater system.

* 1365x768p Resolution
* Multi-Sync PC Monitor Imput
* High-performance scaler
* Precision line doubler

All the features you need to get the most enjoyment from this impressive television.

MonitorLink™ Control / RS-232C
A digital control interface that works in conjunction with MonitorLink™ when connected to a Mitsubishi HDTV Reciever/Controller. While MonitorLink™ provides the digital video signal, MonitorLink™ Control provides enhanced functioning such as automatic powers ON/OFF and input selection. This can also used as an RS-232C control signal input port when not connecting a Mitsubishi HDTV Receiver/Controller with MonitorLink™ features.