Panasonic TH-37PR9U Hospitality Plasma Display

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Panasonic TH-37PR9U Hospitality Plasma Display

Treat your guests to the unsurpassed entertainment experience of a premier Panasonic plasma display. Exclusively designed for the needs of the hotelier, the TH-37PR9UK combines unparalleled image quality with a sleek, sophisticated design and reliable durability. In addition to its renowned image quality, this ultra-thin, space-saving plasma display offers the flexibility of three terminal board slots concealed in the back of the display panel. The interchangeable terminal board slots support a variety of PPV/HDTV PPV and PC connections - like our IMP-1200 HD Hospitality Plug-in Board Tuner with Pro:Idiom Decryption - allowing you to customize the panel according to your unique system needs, rather than paying for features that may not be used.

Space-Saver - The ultra-sleek, modern design combines style and space-saving features that enhance the beauty and spaciousness of any room interior. With specially designed, bottom-mounted speakers, the ultra-thin plasma display fits a smaller space than many 32" LCDs with side-mounted speakers.

Super-Flexible Connections - Specially designed, multi-function connection slot concealed in the back of the display supports multiple in-hotel TV/PC/video-on-demand systems.

Long-Lasting - Outstanding 60,000 hour panel life provides over 25 years of viewing under typical conditions (based on 6.5 hours of viewing per day).

Durable, Scratch-Resistant - Durable and easy to clean glass panel surface, unlike other device panels, so there are no expensive protective devices needed (especially important when you have guests with children).

Five-Star Visual Experience - 3,072 steps of color gradation. The industry's best image enhancement features. Panasonic flat panel displays offer a world-class visual experience with stunning and captivating images even in bright rooms. An ultra-wide viewing angle keeps colors strikingly vivid from anywhere in the room, even when stretching out on the floor to watch.

Screen Size: 37
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: 1024 x 720
Contrast Ratio: Up to 10000:1