Pioneer PDP-4330HD Plasma Display

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Pioneer PDP-4330HD Plasma Display

The 43" (Diagonal) PDP-4330HD is the world's first high-definition plasma display in its size class. Its visual excellence can totally transform movies, sports, and yes, even the latest crop of reality shows. It even up-converts analog signals to a 768 progressive display, for a vastly improved picture. This 16:9 display's Deep-Encased Cell Structure drastically reduces leakage of light and color to deliver new industry standards in brightness and contrast. When you're playing a movie, the PureCinema II function recreates each frame, for a more film-like presentation. It is also a high-resolution Mac or PC monitor. All connections go through a Media Receiver, which maintains totally digital transmission for the highest signal quality. The Media Receiver includes dual NTSC tuners so you can watch two channels at once, and provides a full complement of inputs (including a component-video input). Detachable side speakers and a table-top stand complete the picture.

System Configuration:

* Plasma Display
* Media Receiver
* Pair of Side Mount Speaker
* Table Top Stand


* Plasma Display
o Full High Definition and Native XGA resolution - 16:9 Aspect Ratio (1024 x 768)
o Pure Color Filter for Improved Color Accuracy
o Deep Encased Cell Structure
o Advanced Continuous Emission Display technology
o Wide Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical 160 x 160 degrees)
o Automatic Format Conversion of any source to 768 progressive display
o High Contrast Black Stripe Coating for improved contrast
o 16.77 million colors reproduction
o 10 Bit Signal Processing

* Media Receiver
o Dual - 181 Channel NTSC tuners with split screen capability
o 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i HDTV compatible
o 12W+12W amplifier with SRS and FOCUS surround sound system
o 3 language on screen display (English, Spanish and French)
o PureCinema II for accurate 2:3 pull down film detection
o Adjustable Color Temperature (5 steps)
o Display Modes: 4:3, Full, Zoom, Cinema and Wide
o 3 dimensional Y/C Separation
o Screen Adjustment for PC Use
o SMART Remote Control, allowing for recall of other mfg product codes as well as being able to learn other mfg remote codes.
o Inputs/Outputs:
+ Antenna Input: x 2 (75 ohms Unbalanced F connector)
+ Antenna Output: x 1 (75 ohms Unbalanced F connector)
+ A/V Inputs (Front): x 1 (RCA pin)
+ A/V Inputs (Rear): x 3 (RCA pin)
+ A/V Output: x 1 (RCA pin)
+ S- Video Input (Front): x 1
+ S- Video Output (Rear): x 1
+ S- Video Input (Rear): x 3
+ Component Input: x 2
+ D-Sub 15 Input (Front): x 1 (For PC Input)
+ D-Sub 15 Input (Rear): x 1 (For Video HD Input)
+ Audio Input (Front): x 1 (Mini Stereo)
+ SR In/Output: x 2

* Side Mount Speaker
o Slim 2-way speaker to fit on both sides of the Plasma Display

* Table Top Stand
Small footprint to place the Plasma Display on a table, cadenza or sideboard.

Optional Accessories:

* PDWB-5003 (Flat Wall Bracket)
* PWM-503 (Tilt Wall Bracket)
* PDP-S08-LR (Under mount Speaker)

Dimensions (inch) - (Width - Height - Depth) /Weight (lbs.):

* Plasma Display: 42-1/8 x 24-13/16 x 3-27/32 / 69.4lbs.
* Media Receiver: 16-17/32 x 2-3/4 x 13 / 14.3lbs.
* Speaker (pc): 2-29/32 x 24-13/16 x 3-27/32 / 3.5lbs.