Pioneer PRO-141FD Elite Monitor

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Pioneer PRO-141FD Elite Monitor

The creation of the home theater has now become an art form with the Pioneer Elite® PRO-141FD KURO™ High-Definition monitor. Combining unsurpassed picture quality with impeccable attention to detail in form and function, the new Signature Series monitors are designed to excel in every way possible. The new PRO-141FD has been crafted as a special limited-run edition for the most discerning entertainment connoisseur.

Set your sights on the Signature Series monitor with technology so advanced, it goes beyond television and opens your home to endless possibilities. Intended to be the heart of a professionally installed system, this monitor is the ideal selection to assimilate seamlessly into the design of your ultimate home theater. The monitor will open the door to a new realm of possibilities as heightened functionality and versatility pave the way for custom installers to sophistically integrate into the design of your home theater with near limitless potential. Once installed, the Signature Series monitor can be fine-tuned to utter perfection exclusively for your viewing environment. And to continuously maintain the pristine picture that has been calibrated for your theater, IP network protocol and connectivity further allows your professional installer to monitor, re-calibrate and re-adjust your picture without even entering your home.

The Signature Series monitor brings technology and design together as never before. The Signature Series monitor bears the KURO name that has become the benchmark for the industry in leading black level performance. To ensure optimum performance, every Signature Series monitor goes though multiple steps of testing as well as scrupulous hand and machine inspection. Peak brightness and white balance levels are finely tuned and each exclusive color filter is further tested and inspected to exceed our highest levels of performance. But the Signature Series monitor is more than just pure performance it rivals a work of art. An elegant acrylic bezel and a near flawless chassis reveal a slim minimalist design worthy of a gallery. To attest to our dedication to exceed even our most rigorous standards, each Signature Series monitor comes with its own factory certification. This meticulous attention to detail provides an unmatched HD experience that surpasses the standards of flawlessness.

Elite® Signature Series 60'' Class (59.58'' Diagonal) High-Definition Monitor

* Designed & built exclusively for high-end custom installations
* Highest standard, reference quality monitor
* Open architecture for heightened flexibility and custom control
* IP Control for expanded set up, configuration & self-diagnostics
* Multiple menu structures w/extensive picture settings & adjustments

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