Pioneer PRO-800HD Plasma Monitor

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Pioneer PRO-800HD Plasma Monitor

At 43" (Diagonal) the PRO-800HD is smaller than the PRO-1000HD, but it still packs a mind-bending visual wallop. The PRO-800HD delivers all the industry-leading features found in the PRO-1000HD, such as Deep-Encased Cell Structure, PureCinema II, automatic format conversion of analog signals to 768 progressive, and five-step user-adjustable color temperature. It displays movies, TV, and other video plus data from a PC. And it provides the same high level of connectivity, including high-def component video, RGB (for a PC or Mac), and a wide range of other ins and outs. So what's the big difference in the two models besides size? Check out the price tag. The Elite two-year warranty applies.

Performance Features:

* High Definition and XGA resolution - 16:9 (1024 x 768p), 4:3 (1024 x 768p compressed)
* Automatic Format Conversion of any source to 768 progressive display
* PureCinema II for quick 2:3 pull down film detection
* Pure Color Filter for Improved Color Accuracy
* 5 Step-Adjustable Color Temperature including 6500 degree K
* 16.77 million colors
* New Deep Encased Cell Structure
* Advanced Continuous Emission Display technology
* Wide Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical 160 x 160 degrees)
* 4 NTSC Display Modes: Wide, Zoom, and Full (16:9)
* Screen Adjustment for PC Use
* Black Stripe Coating
* 3 dimensional Y/C Separation
* High Gloss Black Extruded Aluminum Frame
* Remote Control


* 4 Video Inputs/ 2 Video Outputs
* (1) Composite IN and (1) OUT
* (1) S-Video IN
* (1) 5 Connection RGB/HD Compatible
* RGB Signal (G on Sync Compatible)
* HD Component Video Signal
* (1) D-sub 15/HD Compatible
* RGB Signal (G on Sync Compatible)
* HD Component Video Signal
* RS-232C for Custom Control Applications
* Pioneer SR In/Out

Optional Accessories:

* Standard Wall Bracket (PDWB-5003)
* Tilt Angle Wall Bracket (PWM-503)
* Black High Gloss Table Top Stand (PDK-1000)


* 43 3/4" x 27 1/4" x 4 1/8"
* Net Weight: 84.7 lbs
* Gross Weight: 103.4 lbs