Samsung 920WM LCD Monitor

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Samsung 920WM LCD Monitor

For those who want to separate themselves from the pack, the 920WM offers a sleek design that is functional as much as it is decorative. Its fast Response Time of 5ms reduces image blurring and the 700:1 Dynamic Contrast provides you more vivid & richer images.

key specifications

* Screen Size : 19"
* Resolution : 1440 x 900
* Brightness : 250cd/m²
* Contrast Ratio : 700:1

700:1 contrast ratio
Most often talked about with LCD monitors, is the measure of the difference of brightness levels between the brightest white and the darkest black. With a contrast ratio of 700:1 you are assured crisp easy-to-view images.

SAMSUNG's OSD solution MagicTune™ provides simple and convenient adjustment to the best image quality. MagicTune™ is ideal for experts like photographers, designers and multimedia artists, by providing the most user friendly and customized color adjustment function.

MagicBright² is powerful new feature that provides the best viewing environment based on the images with six viewing modes provided, Document, Internet, Games, Sports, Movies and Customized.

5ms response time
Slow response time makes you dizzy because of ghosting and blurry images while playing games.