Samsung P2070 LCD Monitor

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Samsung P2070 LCD Monitor

This LCD monitor is absolutely stunning for a reason. You’ll be amazed at its beautiful ToC™ design and crystal clear neck with ultra-slim dimensions. And starlight touch controls add to its sophisticated look. It also reduces your carbon footprint and it’s Energy Star rated so it uses 50% less energy. Plus with a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and 2 ms response time you enjoy sharper images that are blur-free. This SAMSUNG monitor gives you something beautiful to stare at, whether it’s on or off.

Ultra Slim design
Our ultra-slim monitor is a stunning addition to any room. It’s finely crafted from its crystal clear neck to its clean, black silhouette. The high-gloss bezel changes color with the room's light. Turn it on, and the on / off button disappears. And with a screen depth of only 30 mm, it can be placed anywhere. Plus, ToC™ adds a touch of unique style to its surroundings with a hint of color infused into the bezel.

Our monitors are created with a unique manufacturing process and are VOC-Free, designed to reduce your carbon footprint. Energy Star rated, they use 50% less power. That in turn reduces the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. It’s one piece of your computer equipment that can be used for generations to come.

starlight touch controls
Apply a gentle touch to any of the buttons and they light up. After a few moments of inactivity they disappear for a clean look.

dynamic contrast ratio
The contrast between light and dark colors on the screen is what makes images stand out. The bigger the difference between light and dark images, the more vibrant images will appear. With amazing dynamic contrast ratios of 50,000:1 you’ll enjoy sharper image quality that’s sure to catch your eye.

2 ms response time
Response time refers to how long it takes pixels to turn from completely white to black and back again. The lower the milliseconds (ms), the faster the response time is. A fast 2 ms response time virtually eliminates any blurring, making this monitor perfect for enjoying video games and all of your digital entertainment.

Screen Size: 20 W
Resolution: 1600 x 900
Brightness: 250 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: DC 50,000:1 (1000:1) (typ)
Response time: 2 ms (GTG)
Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical): 170º / 160º (CR > 10)

Signal input
Connector: DVI-I
Sync. Signal: separate H / V, composite, SOG
Video Signal: analog RGB / DVI

Power Consumption: 26 W (typ)
Stand By Power (DPMS): < 1 W (typ)

Plug & Play: DDC 2B
Multimedia Speakers: No
Special Features: MagicBright³, off timer, image size color effect, customized key, MagicWizard & MagicTune with AssetManagement, Windows Vista Premium, safe mode (DownScaling in UXGA)

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