Sanyo CE52LH1R LCD Monitor

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Sanyo CE52LH1R LCD Monitor

The SANYO CE52LH1R is one tough 52" LCD monitor. It uses a lightweight aluminum frame and a non-glare acrylic panel. This qualifies this monitor for a variety of environments which may be dusty or oily such as food establishments and public venues. The acrylic panel offers the protection for a number of public display applications and it's easy to clean. Another reason the CE52LH1R is a great digital display is because it fits in, ready with many input and output terminals.

The CE52LH1R uses long-lasting anodized aluminum and has a "No-Holes" ventilation design which protects against mischief in public applications. There's also an optional network box to work it into a network of monitors.

PJ-Net Organizer Plus
Optional Network function

Wide Screen Aspect Ratio
16:9, 16:10, 17:10, 15:10

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