Sony PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book

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Sony PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book

Begin a new chapter with the PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book. Boasting an impressive 6.0-inch, touch screen display, this Reader uses paper-like E Ink® technology which makes it easier to read, even in bright-light situations. In addition to a built-in light, there's an interactive touch screen that lets you turn pages with the slide of a finger or activate the bookmark. You can also create annotations with a virtual keyboard, highlight text with a stylus pen, search for text in your digital book, and easily adjust the font size. A faster processor gives you quicker response times when opening content or turning pages. Ideal for travelers or people who like to read while on the go, the PRS-700BC holds approximately 350 digital books.

Note: Use of companion eBook Store limited to U.S. and Canadian residents. Certain titles may not be available for download based on place of residence.

6" Display with touchscreen display
A sizeable 6-inch display with touchscreen technology lets you interact with the Reader just like a real book. A simple movement with the slide of a finger lets you easily turn pages or activate the bookmark. It also features a virtual keyboard that can be used for quick annotation or search.

E-ink paper-like touchscreen display
The Sony® PRS-700 Reader Digital Book provides a unique way to experience reading. With its impressive 6-inch display, utilizing breakthrough E Ink® technology that's almost paper-like, making it easy to read, even outdoors in the sunshine. In addition, the screen allows for high contrast and high resolution, with a near 180º viewing angle.

Built-in LED reading light
A built-in LED reading light gives you the ability to read at night or other low-light situations without bothering others around you.

Search, annotation, and highlighting capabilities
The Reader Digital Book features annotation, highlighting, and search applications that heighten your reading experience. You can easily make annotations in your digital book with the virtual keyboard or highlight text you want to remember by selecting it with a stylus pen or with the touch of your finger. You can even search for text on your Reader with the virtual keyboard or by highlighting text.

Adjustable text sizes
The Reader Digital Book allows you to zoom in and out as well as adjust the text into 5 different sizes.

Ultra Portable
The Reader Digital Book offers a unique, on-the-go reading experience and is the perfect travel companion. Measuring 0.4-inches thin and weighing just 10 ounces (without cover), the Reader is more compact and lightweight than many paperbacks.

Long battery life
While most portable electronics lose power after only a few hours, the Reader Digital Book lets you turn up to 7,500 continuous pages (or up to two weeks of reading) on a single charge.

Internal storage
The Reader Digital Book gives you the freedom to leave that stack of paperbacks at home. The internal memory will hold approximately 350 average size digital books and hundreds more with optional removable Memory Stick Duo™ media or SD memory cards.

Thousands of eBooks available
The Reader Digital Book allows you to search, browse, discover, and buy new releases, classics, and popular digital book titles from The eBook Store from Sony and other participating Websites. You can even go to other sites that have DRM Free eBooks in file formats supported by the Reader. This translates into an unbelievable amount of content suitable for the Reader.

Multiple formats supported
The Sony® PRS-700 Reader Digital Book isn't just about using it to read digital books. With the included eBook Library 2.5 PC Software, you can easily transfer Adobe® PDF documents, Microsoft® Word documents, BBeB® format, and other text file formats to the Reader. It also supports EPUB/ADEPT and connection with Adobe Digital Editions. You can even play back unsecured MP3s and AAC audio files. (Headphones not included.)

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