Yamaha PDM-4210 Plasma Display Monitor

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-11
Yamaha PDM-4210 Plasma Display Monitor

ALIS Method Panel
The PDM-4210 uses an advanced ALIS (Alternate Lighting of Surface) Method to deliver a sharp, clear picture with the smooth, high-definition quality you see in a movie theater. The pixels are defined electronically rather than physically, allowing each picture element to be smaller than normal. This creates a higher pixel count for a smoother, seamless picture, with edges and curves clearly defined. The PDM-4210 features a brighter picture (1,100 cd/m2) and higher color temperature, which makes white areas such as clouds in the sky standout more vividly. The panel can also display a wide range of colors (16.7 million), with enhanced color purity.

Natural Black Drive System
Yamaha’s Natural Black Drive System automatically determines the brightness of the screen and applies the gray scale (contrast) best suited to the scene in order to reproduce both bright and dark areas. The contrast ratio is an outstanding 1,000:1.

HDTV Capability
The PDM-4210 is fully HDTV capable, meaning that 1080i high definition images can be displayed line for line without vertical scaling. The 1,024 x 1,024 resolution provides a completely clean HDTV picture, with no noise at the edges.

Digital Linear Color Control
Digital Linear Color Control continually maintains the ideal balance between the three main colors (red, green, blue) for optimum color reproduction in every scene from very dark to very bright. The sharpness and tint of each color are independently controlled, so you can adjust tint more precisely.

Mode Selection for Best Picture Quality
The PDM-4210 offers several modes that allow you to adjust the picture to obtain maximum quality. There are two Picture modes (Day and Night), four White Balance modes (Normal, Cool, Warm,Black-White), and a Film mode for watching movies.

High Quality Sound
A digital amplifier supplies 12W x 12W of low-distortion stereo sound. SRS TruBass and Matrix Surround are provided, as well as four audio modes (Movie, Music, Speech, Favorite).


* Side-by-Side Picture
* Picture-in-Picture
* Multi-Language On-Screen Display
* Timer Functions
* Five Video and Six PC Size Modes
* Simple Remote Control Unit