Asus A8N-VM CSM/NBP Motherboard

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Asus A8N-VM CSM/NBP Motherboard

AMD Socket 939 Athlon 64FX/Athlon 64
This motherboard supports AMD 939-pin Athlon 64 FX/ /Athlon 64 X2/Athlon 64 processors which is based on 64-bit architecture. It features 2000 MT/s HyperTransport Bus, dual-channel un-buffered DDR400 memory support and AMD Cool 'n' Quiet! Technology.

AMD Cool 'n' Quiet! Technology
A8N-VM CSM/NBP supports AMD Cool 'n' Quiet! Technology, which monitors system operation and automatically adjusts CPU voltage and frequency for a cool and quiet environment.

Dual-Channel DDR400
Dual-channel DDR technology doubles the bandwidth of your system memory and hence boost the system performance to out perform any memory existing solutions in the market. System bottlenecks are eliminated with balanced architecture and peak bandwidths up to 6.4GB/s.

NVIDIA GeForce™ 6150B/nForce™ 430
The NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6150B GPU Northbridge supports Microsoft® DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0, dual VGA out (DVI-D and RGB), NVIDIA® PureVideo Technology with unprecedented integrated video quality, and PCI Express interface. The NVIDIA® nForce™ 430 MCP Southbridge delivers NVIDIA® Gigabit LAN with ActiveArmor Firewall for secure networking, and NVIDIA® MediaShield storage management technology allowing easy RAID configuration (RAID 0 and RAID 1) for Serial ATA II.

AMD CSIP & NVIDIA Bussiness Platform
A8N-VM CSM/NBP has joined AMD CSIP(Commercial Stable Image Platform) program and been certified by NBP(Nvidia Business Platform) program which ensure solid quality and stable drivers for serious business users.

Dual VGA output
A8N-VM CSMNBP is the first motherboard supporting DVI-D and RGB VGA output together. Users has the flexibility to choose to use either the traditional CRT montior or the latest LCD monitor with DVI interface, or even to use 2 displays to enjoy the benefit of dual display.

PCI Express Architecture
PCI Express is the latest I/O interconnect technology that will replace the existing PCI. With a bus bandwidth 4 times higher than that of AGP 8X interface, PCI Express x16 bus performs much better in applications such as 3D gaming.

Gigbit LAN
NVIDIA Gb LAN controller delivers transfer speeds up to ten times faster than conventional 10/100 Ethernet connections. Gigabit LAN is the networking standard for the early future and is ideal for handling large amounts of data such as video, audio, and voice.

SATA 3Gb/s
The A8N-VM CSM/NBP supports next-generation SATA hard drives based on the new SATA 3Gb/s storage specification. The onboard NVIDIA nForce 430 MCP southbridge allows RAID 0 and RAID 1 configurations for four SATA connectors.

IEEE 1394a interface provides high speed digital interface for audio / video appliances such as digital television, digital video camcorders, storage peripherals & other PC portable devices.

SoundMAX High Definition Audio
SoundMAX is the highest performing, most reliable and user-friendly PC audio solution for business professionals, audiophiles, musicians, and gamers. Hear crystal-clear quality from all your audio - MP3 playback, home theatre, advanced gaming, VOIP and more, and never worry - SoundMAX high-definition audio is there to enhance your experience!

ASUS Q-Fan Technology
Q-Fan intelligently adjusts fan speeds according to system loading to ensure quiet, cool and efficient operation.

ASUS MyLogo2
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