Asus CUV4X-D VIA 694 XDP Motherboard

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Asus CUV4X-D VIA 694 XDP Motherboard

The CUV4X-D motherboard integrates the powers of the Intel® Pentium® III Coppermine™ processors, VIA 694XDP-North and 686B-South chipsets to deliver the quality and high performance that you require. Designed for quality and top speed, the CUV4X-D motherboard unleashes an amazing dual-processor power up to 1GHz. With a fast 133MH* system bus, 256KB Advanced Transfer Cache (ATC) with ECC, Advanced System Buffering (ASB), and Dual Independent Bus (DIB) architecture built in the Pentium III processors, the CUV4X-D gives you a clear competitive edge!

Ultra DMA/100
The CUV4X-D comes with dual-channel bus master IDE interfaces that support UltraDMA/100 for continuous data transfers at a fast rate of 100 MB/s. The onboard IDE controller also supports Multi-Word DMA Mode 2, DMA PIO Modes 3 & 4 devices, such as DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, and LS-120 drives. These devices afford competent and reliable performance making your computing even more efficient.

AGP 4X Graphics
With the multi-faceted VIA chipsets support onboard, the CUV4X-D provides a high-resolution graphical solution through the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) Pro slot boasting a maximum data transfer rate of over 1GB per second. The slot accepts graphics cards designed to support high-end graphical applications. With the latest driver from NVIDIA®, users can enjoy real AGP4x speed on the CUV4X-D motherboard.

Advanced ECC Memory
Equipped with four Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets, the motherboard supports up to 4GB of system memory using PC133 registered SDRAMs. Error Checking (EC) and Error Checking and Correction (ECC) capability is also supported to ensure data security.

The motherboard comes with five 32-bit PCI slots that accommodate bus master PCI cards, such as SCSI or LAN cards, with 133MB/s maximum throughput. This feature allows you to utilize the expansion capabilities that the CUV4X-D motherboard offers.

Spec Summary

* Dual FC-PGA Intel® Pentium® 450 to 933MH Coppermine™ Processors
* VIA 694XDP and VIA 686B Chipsets
* Four DIMM sockets support 32MB up to 4GB of system memory using ECC/non-ECC 3.3V SDRAM and VCM SDRAM
* AGP Pro slot for 3D graphics
* Dual-channel bus master IDE ports support UltraDMA/100 and up to 4 IDE devices
* Five PCI slots, four USB ports, two serial ports, and one parallel port
* Wake-On-LAN feature
* Chassis intrusion detection
* System auto speed down for CPU overheat
* PC Health Monitoring™
* 2Mb EEPROM and Award® BIOS