Asus P4SE SiS 645 Motherboard

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Asus P4SE SiS 645 Motherboard

The P4SE incorporates SiS® 645 chipset to support Intel Pentium 4 processors and high-bandwidth DDR333 memory. Loaded with additional features such as ASUS MyLogo, ASUS EZ Plug, the P4SE delivers high performance for today's cost-conscious users.

Latest P4 CPU Support
The latest P4SE motherboard supports Socket 478 Intel® P4 processors (including future Northwood core), which utilize the most advanced 0.13um process technology to provide frequencies up to 2.6GHz+, delivering robust features and performance for your digital world. The Intel® P4 offers optimized performance for audio, video, and internet applications.

DDR333 (PC2700) Support
DDR333 (PC2700), the latest and fastest memory standard, supports bandwidth up to 2.7GB/s to provide enhanced performance for P4.

Front Audio (on audio model only)
P4SE provides a front panel audio connector to support standard front panel microphone and headphone usage, if your chassis supports.

SPDIF-out Interface (on audio model only)
The P4SE provides convenient connectivity to external home theater audio systems via an S/PDIF-out (Sony-Philips Digital Interface) module. Experience 5.1-channel surround sound and enhanced 3D audio while playing your favorite DVDs or games. (Note: S/PDIF module is separately purchased).

The ASUS EZ Plug™ power connector lets you use your existing power supply and eliminates the need to buy a special ATX 12V power supply to support your P4 CPU.

ASUS MyLogo™
ASUS MyLogo™ personalizes and add style to your system with customizable boot logos.

SiS® MuTIOL Technology
SiS® MuTIOL technology, the new bus architecture, connects SiS 645 and SiS 961B together, and delivers 533MB/s bandwidth between North Bridge and South Bridge and even up to 1.2GB/s for South Bridge internal bus frequency.

ASUS Reliability
All ASUS motherboards are designed and tested to meet the highest quality standards. Responsive customer support and frequent BIOS and driver updates ensure that you're getting the fastest, most reliable performance - all the time. All ASUS motherboards are also backed by a 3-year limited warranty