Tyan Thunder K8HR S3891 Motherboard

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Tyan Thunder K8HR S3891 Motherboard

Offering the power of dual AMD Opteron™ processors with dual core support, and the performance of the ServerWorks HT-2000/1000 chipset, the Thunder K8HR (S3891) is a perfect fit for the 1U rackmount server segment. Additional features include dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, SATA RAID, and PCI-X support, all in a 1U-optimized layout that enables both processing power and a rich feature set in a dense rackmount-ready configuration.

- Two µPGA 940-pin ZIF sockets
- Up to two AMD Opteron™ 200 series processors
- Integrated 128-bit DDR memory controller
- Supports Single and Dual Core processors

- ServerWorks BCM5780 + BCM5785 chipset
- National PC87417 Super I/O chip

- 128-bit dual channel memory bus
- Eight (8) 184-pin 2.5-Volt DDR DIMM sockets (each socket supports 4 rank)
- Up to 32GB of registered DDR 400 / 333 memory
- Supports ECC memory and ChipKill

Expansion Slots
- One x16 PCI Express slot (with dual x8 signals): From BCM5780; Supports 2U riser with second x8 signal
- One PCI-X 133MHz 64-bit expansion slot: From BCM5785; low-profile connector
- Two expansion slots total
- One Tyan TARO™ storage expansion connector: Proprietary 200-pin SO-DIMM connector; Operating on PCI-X 133/100/66 MHz bus

Integrated I/O
- Two 9-pin 16550 UART serial ports (one via header); one 15-pin VGA port
- Four USB 2.0 ports (two at rear, two via header)
- PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors
- Integrated SATA connectors
- Two RJ-45 10/100/1000 LAN ports
- One RJ-45 10/100 LAN ports (on USB)
- One InfiniBand connector (apart from I/O backplane, optional)

Remote System Management (optional)
- RenesasH8S2167 BMC controller
- BT, KCS, logging support
- IPMI-over-LAN, Remote on/off capability
- IPMI v1.5, v2.0 compliant
- 2x25 proprietary interface

Hardware Monitoring
- (2) SMSC EMC6D103S H/W monitor chips
- CPU thermal & voltage monitor support
- 2-pin chassis intrusion header
- 4-pin fan monitoring headers
- Seven (7) fan headers (4-pin config., 3-pin backward compatibility)
- ID LED and button support

Integrated Video Controller
- ATI® ES1000 controller; 32MB DDR frame buffer

InfiniBand Network Controller (optional)
- Mellanox InfiniHost MT25204 single port
- Memory on DIMM, PCIe x8 interface

Integrated LAN Controller
- Integrated dual GbE LAN (from BCM5780): Two 10/100/1000 LAN ports
- Two front panel LED headers
- Two RJ-45 ports with LEDs

Integrated PCI IDE (from BCM5785)
- Single-channel master mode supports up to two IDE devices
- Supports IDE drives & ATAPI-compliant devices

Integrated SATA Controller (from BCM5785)
- Supports four SATA-II ports running at 3.0Gb/s
- RAID 0, 1, 5 supported

Optional Modules (SMDC/TSO Support)
- M3291 , IPMI 2.0 Remote System Mgmt. card: Renesas H8S2167 BMC controller; BT, KCS, Logging support; IPMI-over-LAN; Remote Power on/off and reset
- M7901/M7902, Ultra 320 SCSI TARO™ card: Adaptec AIC-7901/7902 single/dual-channel; Ultra320 SCSI controller; Adaptec HostRAID 0, 1, 10 supported
- M9000 SAS/SATA II TARO™ card: Adaptec AIC-9405/9410 SAS controller; Supports up to 4-port (M9000-5) and 8-port (M9000-10 ) SAS & SATA running at 3.0 Gb/s; Adaptec HostRAID 0, 1 & 10 supported

- AMI® BIOS on 8Mbit LPC Flash ROM
- Supports ACPI 2.0 and Serial Console Redirect
- PXE via Ethernet, USB device boot
- PnP,DMI, WfM 2.0 Power Management
- User-configurable H/W monitoring, auto-detect HDD, memory size; multiple boot options
- Multiple power management modes, 48-bit LBA support; watchdog timer

- Onboard 4-phase VRM for each CPU
- EPS12V / SSI v3.51 (24 + 8) power connectors: Split-plane design

Form Factor
- Extended ATX (12"x13"; 304.8x330.2mm)