Tyan Tiger 200T S2505T Motherboard

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Tyan Tiger 200T S2505T Motherboard

The Tiger 200T is an ideal choice for cost-effective server applications. Boasting support for the new "Tualatin" series Pentium III processors, and featuring a 1U-capable design, this system board provides the power and form factor necessary for today's demanding server environments. With its integrated IDE RAID, VGA and dual LAN connections, the Tiger 200T is perfectly suited for desktop and rackmount servers. There are plenty of PCI slots for adding storage and network controllers, as well as four DIMM sockets that accept up to 1.5 gigabytes of high-speed PC133 SDRAM.

- Dual PGA370 ZIF sockets (universal)
- Supports up to two Intel® Pentium® III processors
- Supports "Tualatin" series processors
- Two onboard VRM (VRM 8.5 spec)
- Front-Side Bus support for 133/100MHz

- VIA Apollo Pro133T chipset
- VT82C694T & VT82C686B

- Four 168-pin 3.3V DIMM sockets
- Supports up to 1.5GB of PC133/100 memory
- Supports ECC, SDRAM and VCM SDRAM

Expansion Slots
- Five 33MHz 32-bit (5-volt) PCI slots
- One ISA slot; total of six usable slots

Integrated I/O
- One floppy connector supports up to two drives
- Two 9-pin 16550-based serial port (one port via cable)
- One 25-pin ECP/EPP/SPP parallel header
- Four USB ports (two ports via opt. cable)
- PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports

Integrated PCI IDE
- Dual-channel master mode
- Support up to four Enhanced IDE devices
- Support for DMA 100/66/33 IDE and ATAPI compliant devices

Integrated IDE RAID
- Promise FastTrak100 controller
- Dual-channel master mode
- Support up to four Enhanced IDE devices
- Support for DMA 100/66/33 IDE drives
- Supports IDE RAID Levels 0,1, and 0+1

System Management
- VIA VT82C686B hardware monitoring ASIC
- 3-pin fan monitoring headers
- 2-pin chassis intrusion header
- 3-pin Wake on Modem (WoM) header
- Temperature and voltage monitoring

Integrated LAN Controllers
- Dual LAN controllers (Intel® 82559)
- 10/100Mbps data transfer rate per controller
- 3-pin Wake on LAN (WoL) header

Integrated Video
- ATI RAGE XL graphics controller 4MB frame buffer
- Standard 15-pin analog VGA port

- Award BIOS on 2Mbit Flash ROM
- User settings for hardware monitoring
- Auto configuration of IDE hard disk types
- Multiple boot options
- DMI 2.0 compliant

Form Factor
- ATX footprint (12"x9.6", 304.8 x 243.84mm)
- One 20-pin ATX power connector
- Side-by-side serial (one) and VGA (one) ports
- Stacked USB (two) ports
- Side-by-side RJ45 LAN (two) ports with LED
- Stacked keyboard and mouse ports

- FCC DoC (Declaration of Conformity)
- European Community CE