Tyan Tiger MP S2460 Motherboard

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Tyan Tiger MP S2460 Motherboard

Based on our Thunder K7 S2462, the world's first dual-processor platform for the AMD Athlon MP processor, our Tiger MP provides similar performance for the masses! Utilizing the AMD-760 MP chipset, this cost-effective system board supports up to two AMD Athlon MP Processors, as well as high-speed DDR memory. In addition, the Tiger MP supports a 266MHz system bus, 64-bit and 32-bit PCI peripherals, 4x AGP card, dual-channel ATA-100, and much more. The Tiger MP S2460 provides Thunder K7-like performance at an incredible price point.

- Dual PGA462 ZIF sockets
- Supports up to two AMD Athlon MP processors
- Two onboard VRMs
- Front-Side Bus support for 266/200MHz

- AMD-760 MP chipset
- AMD-762 north bridge & AMD-766 south bridge
- Winbond™ W83627HF Super I/O ASIC

- Four 184-pin 2.5-Volt DDR DIMM sockets
- Supports up to 4GB of Registered DDR 200/266
- Supports ECC (72-bit) memory modules

Expansion Slots
- One AGP slot supports 4x/2x AGP modes
- Four 64-bit 33MHz (5-volt) PCI slots
- Two 32-bit 33MHz (5-volt) PCI slots
- Total of seven usable slots

Integrated I/O
- One floppy connector supports up to two drives
- Two 9-pin 16550-based serial ports
- One 25-pin SPP/ECP/EPP parallel header
- Four USB ports (two stacked rear connectors and two front panel headers)
- PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
* Note: The AMD-760 MPX requires a portion of memory to be reserved for PCI devices. Allocation for these devices is dependent on the number of PCI devices installed, and option ROM for each device. Common configurations will see 3.5GB to 3.8GB of available memory.

Integrated PCI IDE
- Dual-channel master mode
- Supports up to four enhanced IDE devices
- Support for DMA100/66/33 IDE and ATAPI compliant devices

System MonitorSystem Management
- 3-pin fan monitoring headers
- 3-pin Wake On LAN header (optional)
- Winbond W83782D hardware monitoring ASIC
- System Monitoring Software: here

- Phoenix BIOS 4Mbit Flash ROM
- User settings for hardware monitoring (option)
- Auto-configuration of IDE hard drive types
- Multiple boot options
- DMI 2.0 compliant

Form Factor
- ATX footprint (12" x 10.3", 304.8 x 261.62mm)
- 20-pin power connector (300+W, +5V must be 30A+)
- Stacked parallel (one) and serial (two) ports
- Stacked USB (two) ports
- Stacked keyboard and mouse ports

Note: The Tiger MP S2460 accepts a standard ATX-style power supply. However, the P/S must be able to supply a minimum of 30A on the 5-volt line. Many 300+ watt power supplies on the market today are capable of this output.