Tyan Tiger i7320 S5350 Motherboard

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Tyan Tiger i7320 S5350 Motherboard

Compact and highly-adaptable, the CEB-sized Tyan Tiger i7320 (S5350) and its rackmount-optimized counterpart, the Tiger i7320R (S5350-1U), both provide features which put it above others in its class. Featuring exciting capabilities such as dual Intel® Xeon® "Nocona" processor support with EM64T, up to 16GB of Registered ECC Memory, multiple PCI-X and PCI slots, and dual PCI Express™ Gigabit Ethernet LAN controllers, both versions offer rich features and incredible performance. In addition, active system management and remote management option to provide manageability and flexibility for any server configuration imaginable.

- Dual mPGA604 ZIF sockets
- Supports up to two Intel® Xeon® processors "Nocona" processors supported
- Intel® EM64T support
- Front-Side Bus support for 800MHz

- Intel® E7320 ("Lindenhurst-VS") MCH
- Intel 6300ESB ("Hance Rapids") South Bridge
- SMSC DME1737 LPC I/O chip

- Dual channel memory bus, (8) DIMM sockets
- Supports up to 16GB of Reg. ECC
- Up to six DDR-333 DIMM or eight DDR-266 DIMM

Expansion Slots (5 usable slots total)
- Two PCI-X 1.0 64/66 slots
- Three 32/33 PCI 2.3 slots

Integrated I/O
- One floppy connector
- Two USB 2.0 ports (via cable)
- One COM port and one LPT port (via cables)
- Power/IDE/SATA LED connectors
- Two 4-pin headers for front panel LAN LED
- 2 x 25 connector for optional IPMI SMDC card

Integrated PCI IDE (6300ESB)
- Provides two PCI bus master channels for up to four Enhanced IDE (EIDE) devices
- Support for UDMA 100/66/33 IDE drives and ATAPI-compliant devices

Integrated Serial ATA (6300ESB)
- Two Serial ATA host controllers embedded
- (2) Serial ATA supports running at 1.5Gb/sec.
- RAID 0 or 1 supported

Integrated Video
- ATI® RAGE™ XL PCI graphics controller
- 8MB Frame Buffer of video memory

Integrated LAN Controllers
- Two GbE LAN controllers: Two Broadcom BCM5721 PCI Express GbE LAN controllers; Operating at (x4) PCI-E interface; ASF 2.0 support

Back Panel I/O Ports
- Stacked PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ports
- Stacked two USB 2.0 ports
- One 15-pin VGA port; one 9-pin COM port
- Two RJ45 10/100/1000 Base-T port w/ activity LED

System Management
- SMSC DME1737 and EMC6D102 (or ADM1027) with hardware monitoring
- Nine 3-pin fan headers
- Six fan headers with tachometer monitoring
- Programmable auto fan control based on temp.
- Temperature and voltage monitoring
- Watchdog timer

Optional Modules (SMDC/TSO Support)
- M3291 SMDC Supports remote Power on/off and reset

- Phoenix BIOS with 8Mbit Flash
- Supports APM 1.2 & ACPI 1.0
- PnP, DMI2.0, WfM2.0 power Management

Form Factor
- SSI CEB (12" x 10.2"; 305mm x 259mm)
- EPS12V power connectors (24-pin + 8-pin)
- Onboard dual 4-phase VRM