Tyan Trinity ATX S1592S Motherboard

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Tyan Trinity ATX S1592S Motherboard

Tyan Trinity ATX is a quality, high performance system platform designed for Intel Pentium, Pentium MMX, AMD K5/K6, Cyrix/IBM M1/M2, and IDT Winchip microprocessors. This main board utilizes the VIA Apollo VP3 AGPset chipset and can support CPU speeds of 75 MHz through 266 MHz.

The Trinity ATX's PCI Local Bus provides high performance capabilities that are ideal for a wide range of demanding applications such as: CAD, CAM, CAE, networking, multi-user environments, database management, desktop publishing, image processing and 3D animation. This integrated system board achieves high reliability with numerous features and yet is small enough to be supported in a reduced "ATX" form-factor.

Some of the features included are: on-board dual channel PCI IDE PIO, IDE DMA and IDE UltraDMA/33, on-board floppy controller, on-board high speed I/O, and a switching power supply to deliver unparalleled support for emerging CPU technologies.

Flexibility and expandability have been designed into the Trinity ATX. With I/O and drive controller support built on-board, the Four PCI and three ISA (One ISA and one PCI as a shared slot) slots are free for numerous add-on expansion cards


* Processor
Intel® Pentium®/Pentium MMX™ 100-233 MHz
Cyrix/IBM 6x86(M1)/6x86MX(M2) 120-233 MHz
AMD K5/K6 100-266 MHz
IDT C6/C6+ 150-225 MHz
ZIF Socket #7 / 66-83 MHz Bus Speeds

* Chipset
VIA Apollo VP3 AGPset
First generation Socket7/AGP chipset

* System Memory
Up to 384 MB on board
Four 72-pin SIMM Sockets
Three 168-pin DIMM Sockets
FPM or EDO DRAM Support
EDO DIMM and SDRAM Support
512K L2 Cache on board

* Expansion Slots
Four 32-bit PCI Bus Mastering slots
Three 16-bit ISA slots
One 32-bit AGP slot
One Shared PCI/ISA Slot - 7 usable

* Form Factor
Reduced ATX (8" x 11.6")
Type "V" I/O Shield (Intel Venus Compatible)

* Disk Drive & System I/O
Disk Drive & System I/O
Two PCI Bus-Master enhanced IDE channels
4 HDD & EIDE CD-ROM Support
Ultra DMA/33 Support (UDMA HDD required)
Bus-Mastering Mode (Up to 22MB/sec DTR)
PIO Mode 3&4 (up to 17MB/sec DTR)
Two floppy drive (up to 2.88MB) connectors
Two ATX (9-pin) serial ports (16550 UARTs)
One ATX ECP/EPP parallel port
One IR (InfraRed) I/O  interface port header
Two ATX USB Rev 1.2 ports; one ATX PS/2 mouse port; one ATX PS/2 keyboard port

Award or AMI BIOS - Award Standard
Green PC Compatible
Microsoft Plug and Play Ready