Edirol PC-50 MIDI Keyboard Controller

Roland Updated: 2009-02-12 RSS
Edirol PC-50 MIDI Keyboard Controller

49 premium full-size, velocity-sensitive keys designed to fit perfectly on your desk. The PC-50 offers the best value for music labs and simple home studios. The PC-50 is specifically built to offer you exactly what most people are looking for: a well-built expressive MIDI controller that is easy to setup and easier to use.

* High-quality keyboard mechanism
* 12 selectable velocity curves
* 3-digit 7-segment LED and rotary encoder
* Pitch bender/modulation lever
* Convenient access to connections on side panel
* Sustain & Expression pedal ports
* MIDI out port
* 3 forms of power supply: USB-bus, battery, AC adaptor

Expressive Response
The PC-50 features a keyboard mechanism derived from Roland's newest technology. It's specifically designed to offer a wide dynamic range with incredible subtlety. The redesigned keys offer a better response to the player's touch, while also reducing mechanical noise and eliminating vertical shake in the key stroke.

In order to adapt to every player, the PC-50 includes four velocity curves and three levels of sensitivity, allowing the user to find the exact match to their own playing style. The PC-50 can also output “fixed” velocity selectable from 1-127, providing practical input for percussion programming.

Small Footprint
The PC-50's chassis is only slightly larger than the actual controls, saving you valuable space on your desktop. It also offers convenient access to all of the ports from the left side of the device, including USB, MIDI output, Hold pedal input, and Expression Pedal input. This allows the PC-50 to sit directly in front of a monitor or laptop computer without wasting desktop space for cable connections.

Solving the Power Problem
The PC-50 can be used with or without a computer. When used with a computer, the PC-50 can draw power and send MIDI over the USB port, allowing you to reduce the clutter of having another device to plug into your power strip. The PC-50 can also draw power from an optional AC adapter or from four AA batteries, allowing you to use the PC-50 anywhere, with or without the computer.